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Discover the solution that is helping companies to protect workers’ health, safety and well-being, responding to constantly evolving legal requirements and optimizing redundant and bureaucratic processes.

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Safemed is a software for managing Occupational Health and Safety requirements, available to service providers and companies that organize in-house OSH services.
Available in two versions (Lite and Internal Management), Safemed is prepared to adapt to the needs of the different environments in which it operates, bringing your company to those that are the best practices in the sector.

In addition, two complementary add-ons to Safemed are also available:

Data collection and analysis tool registered in Safemed.

Monitoring and control system for high-risk environments.

The most intuitive OSH software on the market

Safemed’s modular architecture allows an agile adaptation to different needs. To meet your company’s particular requirements, Safemed’s powerful base engine takes advantage of its main functional modules: Occupational health, Occupational safety and Food safety.

Safemed can work seamlessly with other applications or be implemented separately, responding to specific requirements.


Occupational Health
Medical examinations and consultations; Clinical and Historical Record; Casualties and Accidents at Work; Digital aptitude sheet; Integration with occupational safety information.

Work Safety and Food Safety
Dynamic scheduling; Agenda management; Audit planning; Intelligent Risk Registration System.

Smart scheduling management
Notifications by e-mail and SMS; Proactive confirmation of events.

Customer and Workers Portal
Schedules; Download of Health and Safety Reports; Workers’ Management.

Accident Prevention through Canary, an innovative IoT platform
Integration with environmental and biometric sensors in order to promote the health and safety of workers.

Data analysis using the BI tool developed for Safemed, Kube
Creation of dynamic reports, data extraction, visualization through advanced graphic elements.

ehs software

Automation and centralization of processes
Automate your company's processes with the help of Safemed. Reduce costs and eliminate redundant processes and manual labor, applying industry best practices that Safemed includes.
Digitization of all EHS processes
Get rid of the paper by scanning all the processes. From the fully dematerialized aptitude sheet to the reports of work or food safety audits, the Company and worker portal is the answer. All communication and information transmission starts to be done through one way: Safemed.
Always up-to-date platform with data security
Safemed has constant updates, both to respond to legal requirements and to add new features. As for the data, you don't have to worry: all the most restrictive storage and management policies are followed, ensuring that the data is always accessible. Keep your company ahead of the industry's best practices.
Professional and reliable support team
Experienced and centralized development and support team, with extensive experience in data migration. Strict SLA's Support Policy.
Alert system
Alert system that allows each user to view the most urgent tasks to be performed. Automatic management of legal deadlines, medical examinations to be carried out per worker, audits to be carried out, and much more.
Management of companies and respective agreed services
Registration of all companies and respective data as well as control of all OSH services provided. Safemed is also certified by the tax authority as billing software that allows, in addition to billing for services, billing for products.
Management of appointments and schedules
Innovative interface for the management of medical and security appointments. Automated calls by email or SMS.
Integration with other systems
Possibility of integration with other platforms, such as human resources platforms for automated data collection or billing platforms;
Safemed’s addons

By applying sophisticated algorithms to data collected by consumer grade wearables (like heart rate and temperature) and environmental sensors (like gas and noise), whilst assuring the worker’s privacy, Safemed can identify when a worker is or will be at risk and when the likelihood of it having a work accident.

Also, Safemed team has designed and developed a new cloud-specific data analysis and processing tool, Kube, which communicates with the Safemed database to extract dynamic and complete metrics.


Canary is a Safety Monitoring and Control system for hazardous conditioned environments.


KUBE its a cloud tool for collecting and processing worker data.


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