15 Agosto 2019

Safemed strengthens its internationalization

Continuing to internationalize its products has always been a goal of Abaco and in this sense, for the first time, it will present in London its InCloud for Safemed offer, a solution that has revolutionized occupational safety and health.

Abaco Consulting, a Portuguese multinational reference in the implementation of SAP solutions, intends to continue to focus on its internationalization and its products, namely inCloud for Safemed, a solution that allows companies to manage all legal requirements in an integrated manner. , including operational, administrative and clinical information management.

Although Safemed already has a solid market share in Portugal, it has only recently begun its internationalization, with its first implementation in a large Swiss chemical company. His references include the largest EHS company and a leading food company, as well as numerous companies of various sizes.

In this context will be present, between 18 and 20 June, at the event Safety & Health Expo 2019, 3 days dedicated to the world of Health and Safety, in London. For this event, which will be attended by people from over 70 countries, Ábaco Consulting will promote the new version of Safemed and also the “Canary” module.

This solution enables companies with a high level of accidents to anticipate and prevent accident hazard situations through sensors placed in the most hazardous areas (especially in areas with chemical, toxic or high temperature hazards), as well as wearable sensors such as watches. , helmets and electronic wristbands. It is also possible to constantly monitor all workers and risk zones, allowing the first signs of danger to be detected while at the same time alerting workers, their closest colleagues or emergency services automatically. It also warns of overexposure to risk factors by warning users and keeping records for occupational doctors to pay special attention to these factors in monitoring employees and even making special appointments in case of warning signs.

According to Fernando Lopes, Director of Abaco, “This solution is an asset for the growth of organizations and, in fact, they are becoming increasingly aware of its importance. And proof of this is the fact that we recently won our first international project, in a leading Swiss company in the Chemical Industry and at national level, a large project in a Food Industry company, ”he explains. “WebSummit last year our solution was also considered by the organization as“ Startup Beta ”, which allowed us to get the attention of the media, customers and partners interested in using the solution, as well as invitation to participate in a number of renowned safety and health at work events. ”

The solution is adapted to companies that provide this type of services and also to companies that perform internal management of OSH processes, and one of the main functionalities of the solution is to enable BackOffice processes, Occupational Medicine, Food Safety operations processes. and Hygiene and Safety, support in cross-cutting processes (Occupational medicine Examination and Consultation Costs, Safety Visit Costs, Annual Report, Profitability Analysis, Alerts).

In addition to these features, a Customer and Partner portal, a Training Module was also created to develop the management of the annual training plan, courses, trainers and classrooms, the digital signature of the citizen card and support in single report submission, a very complex and time-consuming mandatory annual document in which the software simplifies this process. Other features include the process of adapting to the new European data protection regime (GDPR); the reinforced commitment to data security policies, essential in the protection of sensitive information; among many other benefits.
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