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Safemed is a software for managing occupational health and safety requirements, available for service providers and companies that organize OSH services internally.

Avaliable modules

Workplace Safety

Occupational Health

Food Safety




A dynamic software to meet your company’s greatest occupational safety needs.

Audit Management



Audit Management

Control of audits and the annual plan of activities to be performed according to the characteristics of each company. Audits for risk assessment, compliance, machinery evaluation and many other types, always up to date and managed through the intelligent scheduling mechanism and schedule management.


Alert for calls to be made according to the legal and specific rules established. Intelligent mechanism of management of schedules by drag&drop, which allows you to easily schedule any type of appointment/examination by doctor, nurse or room availability.

Map with geographical location of Visits

Using a route of visits to be made saves you time and money. Easily view all appointments for a given day and let Safemed tell you which route is most effective.

Parameterizable Reports

Systematize risk, compliance and other reports according to your company’s goals and needs. Decide which fields you want to include and view the data in real time. The intelligent report learning engine learns from records and allows you to evolve reports autonomously.

Notification of visit and audit appointments

Know what activities to perform, when and where. Automatic notifications of audit appointments, for better management of the Occupational Safety Technicians’ agenda.

Attachment of Documents

With Safemed you can intuitively store and organize all company Security documentation while preserving the environment. You can attach all company documents and make them available when needed directly from the system.

Notification of visit scheduling

Attachment of documents

Visit document management

Visits history

 Construction management

New Features

PPE Management

Automate all personal protective equipment management in your organization.

• Management of PPE assignment by workers
• Relationship between PPE, Workstation, Task
• PPE management by type, family and sub-family
• Production of PPE receipt document with the possibility of signature

Work Accident Management

Controle todos os registos de acidente de trabalho e controle os respetivos fluxos, acabando com o papel.

• Work accident characterization
• Work incident registration
• Registration approval flows
• Production of Workplace Accident Report
• Possibility of incident registration by the client, employee, or person in charge

Management of Self-Protection Measures

• Creation of self-protection measures plan
• Creation of dynamic records of various types
• Follow-up of self-protection measures
• Register of inspections, trainings, drills, surveys, among other dynamic forms

Chemical Product Management

• Chemical Registration
• Chemicals per workstation
• Chemicals per worker
• Safety data sheet storage
• Chemical Product Characterization Form

Communications Management

• Registration of all communications with customers
• Delegation of handlers
• Registration of communications by department
• Follow-up of reported situations

A software adapted to meet all the needs of Occupational Medicine and its workers.

Parameterizable clinical file

Digital Aptitude Form


Management of doctor and nurse calendars

Notification of appointments by e-mail

Risks per workstation

Appointment history

Certified digital signature

SMS notification

Attendance Statements

Team Management

Schedules Transfer

Mobile Unit Management

Exam Profiles

Partner Management

Room Management


Parameterizable Clinical Record

The employee’s entire medical record in a single, dynamic location. Safemed allows the parameterization of the Clinical Record according to the needs of the clinical staff.

Digital Suitability Form

Do away with paper by fully digitizing the fitness-for-duty form. All the filling out is done digitally, allowing for the collection of signatures from the various parties involved. The employee can, without the intervention of third parties, have a password and extract his or her aptitude form in a totally digital way.


With Safemed, expired aptitude forms are no longer a reality. Safemed helps you control upcoming appointments by alerting you to which appointments are due and when, and by summoning employees or managers via email or automated SMS.

Physicians and Nurses Calendar Management

Manage the calendars of health professionals, recording when they are available for appointments. It is possible to understand the availability of professionals so that there is a more efficient management of all appointments.

Risks per workstation

Safemed provides an immediate overview of the risks to which the worker is exposed, and automatically transposes these into the aptitude form. It identifies the risks to which the worker is constantly exposed at his workplace, and makes this information available to the occupational physician, safety technician, and the worker.

Medical Appointment History 

Understand all consultations and exams that were performed in a given period, by whom, and what the result was. All activity monitoring becomes possible in a fast and direct way.

Certified digital signature

No more aptitude forms and paper documents. Safemed allows signature with citizen card, medical card, and signature scanning tables.

SMS Notification

With this feature you can send, with just one click, an SMS to all employees with scheduled appointments/exams. It is also possible to send reminders of appointments already made.

Declarations of Attendance

The “attendance statements” functionality allows you to issue a document with an editable format, which contains the arrival and departure time of the worker on site.


Team Management

Team management allows you to manage several professionals, organizing them by work teams. Thus, for example, it is possible to form a team of doctor and nurse for which appointments can be made together, thus facilitating the process.

Transferring Schedules

Schedule transfer allows users to easily transfer appointments from one doctor/nurse/technician to another without having to manage the various events individually.

Mobile Unit Management

The management of mobile units allows you to control the schedules associated with mobile units, as well as their location.


Examination Profiles and Risk Groups

With the exam profiles it is possible to organize the workers of several companies in groups, allowing to define specific exams conditioned by factors such as the workers’ age or in which types of appointments they perform a certain activity. This functionality also allows the control of costs associated with the exams performed.

Partner Management

Partner management allows organizations to manage the partners who perform services. Thus, it becomes possible to create system access profiles associated with partners by assigning them activities to perform. For example, you can schedule medical appointments or exams to be performed by a certain partner. The partner only has access to the respective data. It is then possible to extract reports of the activities performed by a particular partner.

Rooms Management

Rooms management allows you to manage the organization’s rooms and also the rooms of clients and partners. It also allows the allocation of professionals and teams of professionals to rooms, facilitating their scheduling.

New Features

Employee Portal

• Availability of Worker Information
• Consultation of medical appointment history
• Consultation on associated PPE’s
• Information on risks to which they are exposed
• Request for occasional consultations
• Obtaining aptitude sheets and clinical data
• Automatic creation of worker users

A software adapted to meet all your customers’ Food Safety needs.

Visits map
Management of off-route visits
Visits appointment notification
Management of visits documents
Attachment of documents
Visits history



Manage all your schedules.

Visits Map

Using a route of visits to be made saves you time and money. Easily view all appointments for a given day and let Safemed tell you which route is most effective.

Off-Road Visits Management

For visits that were not originally scheduled, Safemed has an intelligent mechanism to automatically suggest visits in the route of those already scheduled.

Appointment Notification

Automatic visit appointment notifications, for better management of the Occupational Safety Technicians’ agenda.

Attachment of Documents

With Safemed you can access all customer documents in an easy, intuitive and environmentally friendly way. You can attach all your customers’ documents and access them whenever needed.

Visit History

The visit history allows technicians to analyze data from previous SA visits. Through this feature you can view which situations had value changes and provide a better follow-up.

A software adapted to meet all your customers’ training needs.


Configure all courses taught in orgniazation according to the default themes defined.


Define the trainers responsible for teaching the trainings.

Annual Training Plan

Controls the annual training plan to be taught in the organization, planning the courses and sessions to be held throughout the year.

Registration Management

Control of all the workers enrolled in a given training by managing new enrolments. It is also possible to notify via email when new sessions are opened.

A software adapted to meet all your customers’ invoicing needs.

Integrated Billing

Credit Notes

Debit Notes


Customer Balance


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